"A teacher who is attempting to teach without inspiring the pupil with a desire to learn is hammering cold iron" - Horace Mann (1868). At Port Rex we are familiar with this philosophy. We inspire to learn.

A Message from the Headmaster's Desk



Welcome to the Port Rex world of diverse and relevant opportunities where the possibilities for your development are endless; in fact, our candidates are among the most sought after for employment opportunities in the industrial environment in East London. The school has a proud heritage that has its roots in the Technical section of the East London Technical College (1928-1968). Maintaining traditions of the past and evolving with the times is a crucial part of what the school stands for.

The school emphasises values such as academic excellence, for which due recognition is given, and social conscience and respect for the dignity and rights of others, among others. Our learners are urged to take part in sport and cultural as well as community activities. The school’s activities calendar is extensive and ensures that our learners experience so much more in their schooling environment, in the five years they spend within Port Rex Technical High School’s care.

The school is one of only 1010 technical schools in the country out of a total of 25762 high schools. Port Rex is one of two technical schools in South Africa offering its specialized technical package that sets it apart from other educational institutions. We are pleased that... continue reading